Introducing Quality Services & Training Pvt. Ltd, where the best of the two merges, remarkability and innovation. Since we began in 2011, we have always been on the forefront of integrating analytical methods within the training and system services, striving to adopt the highest quality possible within our field. With the professionalism and ever committed culture as our strongest footings, we keep pushing the limits to match and even surpass whatever exceeds your expectations.

The years of working together is one of the constant development of and improvement in the quality of our service beside of our endless search for betterment and support of our clients.
We feel proud that we are considered by them as the providers of both quality and dedication. And we are really thankful for the fact that they put their trust and confidence in us.In our vision for tomorrow, we are resolute to the guiding principles of quality, honesty, and uniformity of excellence. Therefore, we would like you to be part of us at the dawn of a great time in which both of us will put in the best foot forward departing from mediocrity to push an area that is more glorious, innovative and inspirational than it has ever been. Appreciation for partnering with Quality Services & Training Pvt. Ltd. as your business success companion.

Quality Services & Training Pvt. Ltd. was setup with the aim of providing higher end training and system services which was established in 2011. We are Leading Training Partner with FSSAI/FOSTAC for Food Safety Supervisor Trainings. As we have already given 425 trainings till now, in which we have trained around 1500 FBO’s. We are also authorized by FSSAI for Third Party Auditing and providing ISO Certification. It was set up with an aim to provide value-added services to our clients.

Our Services

FSSAI Act 2011 is effective from August 5, 2011. As per the Act, all the Food Business Operators shall be either registered or licensed.
a) We provide guidance on applying for a new FSSAI License from Central Licensing Authority, State Licensing Authority and Registration.
b) We also have a sound knowledge for applying Proprietary Food/ Noval Food for product approval /NOC from FSSAI. We also provide customize guidance for adjusting formulation as per RDA values, labelling as per FSSR, Percentage of food additive, safety aspects of product/ingredient, Regulatory Status.

We are providing services for certification of ISO 9001/14001/13485, ISO 22000, HACCP, GMP, BRC, Organic, FSSC, KOSHAR, HALAL, WHO GMP, CE Marking, and many more. Our main aim is to work with customers and not only comply with their requirements but to exceed their expectations. We also provide help to our customer during Audit.

We are also dealing in Third Party Audit. The main objective of audit is to assess the level of conformity of a management system to certain audit criteria. As per regulatory body audit of any organization is mandatory to check its compliances as per their norms/guidelines.The most common form of third-party audits is one that is conducted to assess the degree of conformity to International Standards and National Standards.

We also provide Professional Training/Carrier Oriented Training i.e. FSSAI / FoSTaC, GMP, GLP, Training of Internal Auditor of FSMS & Seminar on Art of Communication, how to achieve Targets, Stress management, Motivations and inspiration. Special training for CR (Company Representative), FSTL (Food Safety Team Leader), Internal Auditor, Marketing Executives and customized Trainings.

We have provided our services in the field of GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices), GHP (Good Hygiene Practices), GLP (Good Laboratory Practices), GDP (Good Distribution/Documentation Practices) too many firms throughout India. We have experienced Staff to help customers comply with the required standard.

We also provide product certification services to our customer to comply their product with CE marking Standard. CE marking is onsidered as passport to Europe for those companies who want to sell their products in European market.


Our Process

Professional Approach

Unique Bottom-Up approach of our team ensures success of our assignments. This approach ensures that improvement plans are accepted & practiced at all the levels of management.
• Superior Professional Skills.
• Ultimate experience across the world with domain / industry expertise
• Project ownership to ensure benefits to the client organizations
• 100% success rate and client satisfaction

Our Team

The foundation upon which our team is created is based upon the promise that motivated people and long-standing relationships are the ultimate tools of success; and creativity, energy, perseverance and loyalty are just as important as a platinum resume. We have Professional Team who has varied work experience from Pharma, Food, Agriculture and Pharmaceuticals marketing with proven problem solving and Technical skills. Our Team consists of Domain Experts & Technical Experts so as to provide world class solutions to our clients. The primary strength of our Team is to work with the client organization to optimize resources & implement the improvement strategies successfully. An assignment begins with an accurate assessment of people, processes and strategies. Our Team defines competitive strengths and threats plus performance gaps and growth potential.


  • Successfully conducted Eat Right Mela and Millet Melas in Ambala.
  • Ongoing food safety awareness programs to motivate individuals.
  • Punam Gupta, Director of Quality Services, received the second trainer performer award nationwide, demonstrating our commitment to excellence.



Nestled in a 2000 Sq. Ft. commercial premise in Ambala, Haryana, our office is designed for seamless operations. Modern communication facilities like telephones, mobiles, faxes, emails, computers, and laptops empower our professionals to deliver top-notch service.

What our Clients Say

Our work defines us better. Know what our clients think about us.

Good Services
Shikha manro
Shikha manro
Very nice company !! their team is full supportive., they help to client for best services for certification like . iso 22000,Fssai, nabh, who-gmp, glp , gdp, gpp, haccp, kosher, halal, organic certifications, brc .
Manoj Dhiman
Manoj Dhiman
Very Good Company, who helps to provide certification and license. i took ISO certificate through Quality Services & Training Pvt. Ltd. I am fully satisfied from their services. Thanks to them !!
Manpreet Turka
Manpreet Turka
very nice company
manish kaushik
manish kaushik
Best ISO Service Providers

Founder Message

Greetings, Esteemed Partners

Quality Services & Training Pvt Ltd was established to empower individuals via in-depth training and provide businesses with superior services. This is the start of a journey that skillfully blends purpose and passion. Welcome to our community and my 25-year legacy, I, Punam Gupta. With our dedication, we promise to elevate your success above and above the standards set by the industry.
Let’s steer towards excellence together.

With best wishes,
Punam Gupta.
The founder of Quality Services and Training


The dedication of Quality Services & Training Pvt Ltd to going above and beyond is unmatched. They are a dependable partner for success because of their meticulous attention to detail and accuracy in addressing industry difficulties

Rahul S

Punam Gupta's astute leadership distinguishes Quality Services & Training Pvt Ltd as a shining example of excellence. Her extraordinary skills and accomplishments are demonstrated by the expert instruction and services she offered

Maya K

Above and above in the ever-changing world of certifications and compliance is Quality Services & Training Pvt Ltd. Their wide range of services, which include specialised training and ISO certifications, guarantee that clients are not only compliant but also successful in their industries


With their FoSTaC certification programme, Quality Services & Training Pvt Ltd made our transition to a qualified Food Safety Supervisor easy. It is very admirable how dedicated they are to being at the forefront of the food industry.



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