NABL stands for the National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories. This body functions independently under Department of Science and Technology of the Indian Government. NABL is registered via the societies act. NABL is entirely responsible for Testing and Calibration laboratories and no other body can accredit these laboratories. NABL is the only body that is authorised by the Government of India.

Those laboratories that work under the prescribed limits and standards are the ones that are accredited by NACL. NACL has separate regulations for medical laboratories and separate for general scientific laboratories. Any and every laboratory can call for an NACL accreditation.

NABL’s system is similar to ISO/IEC 17011:2004. Hence, it complies with the international standards apart from complying with APLAC MR001. APLAC MR001 is necessary in order to check the proficiency of a laboratory. These proficiency tests are carried out in alliance by the NABL and the accredited laboratories. The results aren’t stated publicly and always stay confidential between the NABL and the accredited laboratory. If a laboratory doesn’t succeed in the proficiency test then, they are required to make the necessary corrections in the process. If the laboratory fails terribly or fails twice in the proficiency test then the chances of NABL accreditation are next to nil.