ISO 22000 Certification – Food Safety Certification


ISO 22000 is one of the highest marks of safety. It isn’t easy to get this mark. One needs to be able to showcase that they can handle obstacles that shall cause the food to spoil and manufacture it in such way that it is absolutely safe for consuming. Unless, this is proved, a firm cannot get the ISO 22000 mark.
Any and every organisation that is into food manufacture has to implement machinery to ensure that it produces absolutely safe quality of food. No matter, what part of the process of food manufacture, the firm is involved in, it has to ensure of the safety of the final produce. It isn’t easy to meet the mark required for ISO Certification & Food Safety Certification. One shall have to have access to a lot of capital from inside as well as outside the food chain. Moreover, the marks set by ISO 22000 certification are necessary because the firm can:


  • Chart Strategies
  • Practice them
  • Function with them
  • Preserve and Revise the food safety management system

Owing to the above procedures, the firm shall be able to manufacture quality produce for its customers. These steps are very important if one needs to acquire the mark for ISO 22000. These will not only fulfil the expectations of the requisites of the ISO 22000 mark but will also take care of the expectations of the customers. In fact, it will improve the quality of customer service by twofold. Also, this way the firms are able to address the most minor of the food safety issues. It also means that the organisation shall have to implement a food safety policy while manufacturing. It is only on the basis of these, that an organisation shall be able to acquire certification of ISO 22000. One needs to declare after implementing everything that they are at par with ISO 22000.

The organisations that have to implement methods in accordance with the standards of ISO 22000 are:

  • List Item
  • Farmers
  • Raw Material Sellers
  • Retail Stores that Sell final produces of Food chains
  • Caterers
  • Cleaners of the Firm
  • Storage Providers
  • Transport providers
  • Equipment providers
  • Those who are into Packaging
  • Any Other kind of Firm involved in producing, packaging or manufacturing of food

New Food Safety Management System A Comprehensive ISO 22000 compliant procedural manual that forms the basis of your food safety management system. The system has been designed to match the standard for ease of use and includes the following sections:

1.1 Food safety management system
1.2 Documentation System
2.1 Management commitment & responsibility
2.2 Food safety policy
2.3 Food safety management system planning
2.4 Responsibility and authority
2.5 Food safety team leader
2.6 Communication
2.7 Emergency preparedness and response
2.8 Management review
3.1 Provision of resources
3.2 Human resources
3.3 Infrastructure
3.4 Work environment
4.1 Planning and realization of safe products
4.2 Prerequisite programmes (PRPs)
4.3 Preliminary steps to enable hazard analysis
4.4 Hazard analysis
4.5 Establishing the operational prerequisite programmes (PRPs)
4.6 Establishing the HACCP plan
4.7 Updating of preliminary information and documents
4.8 Verification planning
4.9 Traceability system
4.10 Control of non-conformity
5.1 Validation, verification and improvement of the fsms
5.2 Validation of control measure combinations
5.3 Control of monitoring and measuring
5.4 Food safety management system verification
5.5 Improvement

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